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Send us your email address and you will get an email invite with a link to join
5/10 minutes prior to start - simply click the link and  join by video & audio

Wee Group Study

You will get an email with an invite to join - simply click the link and  join the Wee Group by video & audio - no need to join zoom just click the link

 To join Wee Group Study
'Zoom' details below

1 Search for Zoom

Open your web browser on your computer or phone or tablet and search for 'Zoom'

3 Enter your Email address

While most people in the church have been assigned a email address only a few people have taken it up. If your are in regular attendance at the church you will participate in hospitality or in the care team providing meals etc and thus you will have a church email assigned to you. This makes it easier for us to share church information.

Contact Douglas Eskdale for assistance 

6 Click the confirm link in your email and sign in

When you sign into Zoom with you email and your password it opens in a screen showing your profile. on Top right you will see menu text to 'Join a Meeting'. Click this 

2 Go to 'Sign up'

Sign up it's free

4 Click Confirm

5 You will get a Confirmation email

 This is a monthly Mid-week ministry

which varies from social with lots of banter to study and on into interesting activities.

See the 'Mid-Week' Page for dates.


7 Join a meeting with the meeting ID

9 dialogue
page opens

8 Click 'Open'

10 Join Meeting - use computer audio and activate your Video

Robroyston Church of Scotland

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