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Crossreach are in urgent need of volunteers to help them continue providing vital care services to some of the most vulnerable individuals in Scotland during this unprecedented healthcare emergency.  The need is greatest in their residential care facilities and other services for the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable just now.  This call is being issued to ministers to publicise, while recognising that ministers may not be in a place to help with so much happening in so many different ways in these strange days, much of which is often new and demanding, but in the hope that you might share this request for help and support, and share it round other networks.


Crossreach are particularly looking for volunteers who have experience of working in care and/or nursing. Potential helpers might have looked after a relative in the past or would even like to learn new skills.  In addition, those staff with existing membership of the PVG scheme would be fast tracked into helping as soon as possible and therefore this would be a great benefit. The types of tasks they need assistance with are keeping people company/engaged, help with feeding residents, supporting hydration needs, and general cleaning tasks.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in place and would, of course, be provided.


If you have members of your congregation who are currently on furlough, from other roles, this may be something which they could take up.  Please find attached a spreadsheet showing Crossreach services, their geographical areas and the relevant congregation(s) closest.


If you are able to help, please email Mari Rennie, Crossreach’s Director of HR, at would be immensely grateful for our support at this time.


This appeal for help comes at the request of the Assembly Trustees. 

Can we help?

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